Leonard’s Lair Review

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On paper, Keith Lynch’s Unknown Component seems like the most depressing thing in the world. Lynch’s Dylanesque sneer and some bleak instrumentation doesn’t bode well but the way in which he uses the tools at his disposal is done with a likeable scruffy charm. ‘Separately Connected’ is arguably the most upbeat of his last three records but fans of his earlier melancholia will not be short-changed by this record.’Ulterior Motive’ and ‘In This Direction’ sound initially dirgey but there’s always a tune beneath the miserablism. It’s a trick which Lynch has worked well on previous records and it serves him well too on the grungier ‘Alone With Your Mistakes’. ‘The Jury’ makes use of a relatively happy riff and ‘The Truth Of Telling Lies’ is almost summery in outlook; even ending with a spirited “Come on!”. However, there are signs that the formula might be running out as the songs don’t offer enough to show development since the last record. For his selective audience though, that’s a positive rather than a negative.

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  Track Listing
01 Under The Gun
02 Everything You Know
03 Ulterior Motive
04 In This Direction
05 Being Awake
Standout Track Alone With Your Mistakes
07 Separately Connected
08 The Jury
09 The Truth Of Telling Lies
10 Good Intentions
11 Prescribed For Relief
12 Friendly Indifference
Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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