Chart Attack Review of ‘The Infinite Definitive’

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Rating  4/5

Keith Lynch’s ninth release under the Unknown Component moniker compiles a pretty decent collection of poppy alt.rock tunes by keeping things accessible without sacrificing his adventurous spirit. The sound is very lush, featuring numerous guitar and piano overdubs. Lynch must be insanely patient, as this is entirely a one-man affair. He plays every instrument, and also produced and engineered The Infinite Definitive.

The orchestrated sound is essential to the album’s sonic success. While the aim was probably to compensate for Lynch’s limited vocal ability, the instrumentation actually ends up complimenting it quite nicely. The raspy, occasionally off-key singing ends up sounding more endearing than grating — it’s a vitally human presence amongst the multi-tracked perfection.

The songs themselves have plenty of hooks. If it weren’t for the devil-may-care attitude Lynch seems to have towards the vocals (honestly, think Mudhoney’s Mark Arm trying his hand at being a Sinatra-esque crooner), any of these songs may actually find a place on rock radio. As it is, it’s a hidden little nugget for those lucky enough to hear it.

- Adam Kovac

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